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  • Semlamp IPL Hair Removal Device won EU Appearance Design Patent Certificate
    Semlamp IPL Hair Removal Device SL-B126 won the EU design patent means that the innovation of our design is protected by law, which brings multiple benefits to the company such as brand value enhancement, competitive advantage, and technological innovation power. This will help the company to consolidate its market position, increase product appeal, and succeed in the fierce market competition.If you like our IPL hair removal device design and technology, Semlamp will turn your ideas into reality!
  • Semlamp Skin Color Sensing IPL Hair Removal Device Awarded Design Patent
    Semlamp Skin Color Sensing IPL Hair Removal Device Awarded Design Patent,Leading Technology for Beauty Transformation.Design is one of the key factors that Semlamp always pays attention to. We firmly believe that the elegant and modern appearance design can not only bring users a beautiful experience, but also a symbol of the combination of top technology and fashion style.
  • Semlamp Bluetooth Speaker EMS Neck Massager Appearance Design Patent Certificate
    Semlamp Bluetooth Speaker EMS Neck Massager uses high-strength ABS plastic material and industry-leading EMS low-frequency pulse technology, which can help alleviate neck fatigue and stiffness, and improve muscle condition. The Fashion design of the U-shaped ring neck makes the product more suitable for the neck curve of the human body and is not easy to fall off. In addition, this is also a foldable mini massager that greatly increases the portability and practicality of this neck massager.
  • Semlamp EMS Smart Neck Massager Utility Model Patent Certificate
    Semlamp EMS Smart Neck Massager uses high-quality materials and advanced EMS micro current stimulation technology. It can relieve neck muscle fatigue and stiffness symptoms through massage and hot compress, allowing people to have a better relaxation and comfortable experience. At the same time, the product also features a foldable and portable design, allowing users to independently control the intensity and massage method. Type-C charging has a long range and can meet the indoor and outdoor usage needs of different consumers.
  • Semlamp IPL Home Hair Removal Device Successfully Registered for FDA Certification in the US
    FDA 510K certification is an important system of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for medical device review. It is very important in the medical device industry, and is also a necessary condition for the sale of medical devices in the US market. This certification program is necessary for all medical devices intended for sale in the United States, which means that all companies engaged in the manufacturing or sales of medical devices must demonstrate through strict verification and testing procedures that their products comply with FDA's safety, effectiveness, and performance standards.
  • Semlamp Electric Toothbrush Has Won The EU RoHS Certification
    After all the strict tests required by the EU RoHS certification, Semlamp Electric toothbrush has successfully obtained the RoHS certification. It not only demonstrates our determination and ability to produce environmentally friendly products, but also is an important milestone to improve our brand image and market competitiveness in terms of safety and sustainability. It shows that our Electric toothbrush has met the EU environmental standards and systems, and can provide safety, health Comfortable oral care products.
  • Semlamp LED Beauty Mask For Winning Eu RoHS Certification
    Semlamp LED beauty mask has undergone rigorous testing required for EU RoHS certification, and has successfully obtained RoHS certification. Obtaining RoHS certification this time is of great significance to us. It not only demonstrates Semlamp determination and ability to produce environmentally friendly products, but also serves as an important milestone in improving our brand image and market competitiveness in environmental protection. It indicates that our LED beauty masks have met EU environmental standards and regulations, meeting customers' needs and expectations for environmentally friendly products. We sincerely hope to share our environmentally friendly and high-quality health and beauty products and services with more consumers. We will continue to improve the level of industrial environmental protection, contribute to beauty and health, and create a better future!
  • Semlamp LED Beauty Mask For Passing EU CE Certification
    The LED beauty mask has successfully obtained the EU CE certification, marking that Semlamp LED beauty mask has passed the quality and safety assessment and complies with relevant standards and regulations in the EU market. This will greatly improve our product competitiveness and credibility. Not only does it recognize Semlamp product quality and technological research and development, but it is also an important milestone that can help us expand our business and brand influence in the European market. Semlamp will continue to improve product quality and technological innovation, meet the needs and requirements of consumers, and contribute to beauty and health!
  • Semlamp IPL Hair Remover for successfully passing UKCA certification in the UK
    UKCA certification is a new mandatory certification mark in the English Market. Since January 1, 2022, the UK CE certification for goods will not continue to be used. Instead, UKCA certification will be used. Semlamp has always been committed to providing the highest quality health and beauty equipment and services, guided by customer needs, constantly innovating and striving for perfection. This successful certification mark indicates that our IPL hair remover has met the relevant standards and regulations of safety, health, environmental protection and technical requirements in the English Market, and the products successfully certified by UKCA can be legally sold and used in the English Market, and can also improve the competitiveness of the products in the English Market. This is a crucial step for Semlamp to maintain market competitiveness and enhance brand influence. We will continue to strengthen product safety and reliability control to meet the needs and requirements of consumers.
  • Semlamp Ipl Hair Removal Machine For Winning The Japanese PSE Certification
    Semlamp IPL hair removal machine has been certified by the Japanese Electrical and Product Safety Certification (PSE), which not only demonstrates our strength in technological innovation, but also affirms the quality and production process of our products. We will continue to adhere to the design concept of "perfection" and strive to provide users with more efficient, convenient, and comfortable health and beauty products and services. Semlamp looks forward to the growth of the Japanese market and expects our IPL hair removal machine to meet more consumers, allowing more people to enjoy the health and beauty products and services we provide.