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  • Semlamp Painless Intelligent Skin Color Recognition IPL Hair Removal Device
    Semlamp Intelligent Skin Color Recognition IPL Hair Removal Device has a built-in smart sensor, which can accurately identify your skin color, and adjust the intensity of light according to different skin colors, ensuring safety and comfort during irradiation. This means that whether you have fair or dark skin, the Semlamp ipl hair removal device can provide you with safe and effective hair removal experience. You can do hair removal easily and freely at home, without frequent visits to the beauty salon, saving time, effort and money. Forget those traditional methods of pain and troubles, choose Semlamp hair removal device, so that you can have smooth and soft skin, and confidently show your most beautiful self!
  • Evaluation of brand household hair removal equipment
    As the most effective, safe, experiential, and cost-effective hair removal method currently available, what technical parameters should be focused on when choosing a household hair removal device? Energy density and wavelength are key indicators for measuring the usability of a household hair removal device. This article conducts comprehensive and detailed tests and comparisons on the energy density, starting wavelength, hair removal pain, ease of use, and price competitiveness of well-known brands such as Ulike, Kitty Anne, Philips, JOVS, and Mukin hair removal devices.
  • "Live Group Shopping Hall" to Debut at the 61st Shanghai International Beauty Expo
    The 61st China (Shanghai) International Beauty Expo will be held from June 11th to 13th. The newly incubated "2023 National Live Group Shopping Hall" of the Expo will closely meet the development needs of new e-commerce channels for live group shopping, bringing a comprehensive industry exploration and highly valuable procurement feast for buyers and consumers.
  • Technology beauty equipment achieves breakthrough growth
    The 61st China (Shanghai) International Beauty Expo selected high-quality beauty instruments from around the world, showcasing cutting-edge new technologies and products in a comprehensive and diversified manner, and jointly exploring the technological beauty market. The exhibition brings together advanced instruments such as Thermo Mage, Dot Matrix Laser, Red Blue Ray, Ultrasonic Cannon, Ultrasonic Knife, Picosecond System, RF System, Microengraving System, etc., including LPG, Sanoron, Rephis, Ioone, Israel SOG, HONKON, ADSS, ROSS, INDIBA,Mimo, Bari, SDYU, ODI Aesthetics, Vidis, Geneo X, LuluMusca, Solta, DAIRIST, CET, Demas Many brands, such as Loviify beauty RF instrument, will bring many new and popular products to solve skin problems, such as anti-aging and anti-aging, skin whitening, spot removing and acne removing, firming and repairing.